Since we established PIPE DESIGN,Inc. in 1981, we have developed software for water and sewerage system for civil-engineers.

    Through the several requests from our customer, we will respond to them as a proposal company about design software technology.

    Our main missions are as follows:

    - Water and sewerage design software,
    - Facility maintenance system (Sewage and water treatment plant),
    - Maintenance GIS System (Sewage and water pipeline),
    - Inspection System using Smartphone.


    Company Name



    Head Office
    1-21-35, Kusatsu-Shinmachi, Nishiku, Hiroshima, 733-0834, Japan
    Phone +81-82-279-8200 Fax +81-82-279-8207

    Tokyo branch
    6-16-12, Ginza, Chuoku, Tokyo, 104-0061, Japan
    Phone +81-50-3825-5874


    June 11, 1981

Business Content

    Development Software for Civil engineers

    Water and sewerage design software

    Entrusted development

    User Customization for AutoCAD
    Smartphone customization (iPad, iPhone...)
    GIS customization

    Entrusted design & Analysis

    GIS data
    Storm runoff analysis
    3D CAD data

    Education system

    Education about sewerage design and management method for Civil engineers.
    AutoCAD support for education.


    Localization for overseas software
    Consulting for overseas software